Congratulations you're a SENIOR!! This is your time to shine and there is no better way than with photos!

What To Include In Your Session: 

If you are worried about what you might bring, no worries, there are so many options.

 *Uniform: Uniforms could go for your school sports team, workplace, band, or hobby uniform. Wear your favorite cooking or painting apron, concert-going outfit, or school uniform.  Are you going into the military? This is a great way to showcase who you are and where life is taking you.

 *Instruments: If you play an instrument, bring it, play it, rock it out! I want to see you in your element and capture this. 

 *Sports equipment: If you play basketball, football, volleyball, or any other sport, bring it with you. We could shoot the session on a baseball field or wherever you would like to incorporate your equipment! Bring your ball, hat, glove, or knee pads. The options are endless. 

 *Food: Yes, food. If you love a certain food or drink, why not bring it? It is so much fun to bring a box of sprinkled donuts, a Dutch Bros. drink or your favorite item from that place your and your friends hang out at! 


I am here to help you take the best photographs ever imagined! Regardless of what you end up bringing, I have the skills to work with it and make you comfortable. Let’s get it!

The Perfect Outfit:

Choosing what you wear to your senior photo shoot is kind of a big deal. After all, anyone who cares about fashion will tell you that what you wear is an expression of who you are. It's obviously not the only thing that defines you, but the outfits your wear will make a first and lasting impression

When selecting your session day outfits, think about what your style sense is and what you envision for the shoot. I highly recommend flipping through fashion magazines, perusing Pinterest and checking out in-the-know blogs for inspiration. And don't forget: from head to toe, details matter! Thoughtfully select the perfect shoes, accessories, jewelry and even layering details when putting together your outfits.

Dressing in layers is a great way to get the most out of your session. This will help to give you a different look without having to do an entire outfit change. Adding a vest, jacket, or fashion scarf will effortlessly change up your outfit.

Once you have your ensembles selected, take some quick snapshots of yourself and ask others for their thoughts and opinions. From there, you can make any adjustments or narrow down your selections.

I do suggest bringing a few backup garments and accessories to the actual photo session. Just in case.

Something You Love Doing:

Try incorporating a skill, sport, hobby, or passion into your session. No matter where the future takes you, an image that shows what you love doing pauses this time in history. I have captured sessions of a senior dancing in the snow, a guy in his basketball gear, and another who loves a vintage look and thought it would be great to have shots taken at a 50's Diner.



We all have our preferences. The site of where we shoot can be essential and should go along with your personal style and personality. Do you want to shoot by the river, hiking trail or a tall grass field? There are many fun and unique places like Freak Alley or JUMP in downtown.


Bring Props:

Again, I want to showcase you in your natural element and your personality! Wear a uniform, bring your pet, or a vehicle you have put some major work into. Think outside the box because the options are endless!


Bring your Family:

When you’re planning your Senior or Cap and Gown session, feel free to bring along your family! The more the merrier and we always have a good time together. I encourage parents to take behind the scenes pictures of our session with your phone too! Moms are amazing with quick wardrobe fixes and dads are the best at those dad jokes that will get you laughing and smiling. I have had parents and siblings help in many ways, including throwing the ball for those action shots and blocking the sun!

Endearing Photos

This one can be tough. I have worked with several seniors who have older relatives (grandparents, aunts, uncles) that they have asked to come along for their shoot. Getting a shot with them while you are in your senior repertoire creates a great photo along with memories that last forever. 


Now that you have a few nifty ideas, I can’t wait to see what you decide on doing. Your senior session will be a lot of fun, and one day, you will reminisce on these special times of young adulthood. Remember, be yourself! Everyone else is already taken.