Figuring out what to wear for your photos is probably the hardest part of preparing for your session, right?

It is for me! Whether it is Senior portraits or family sessions, planning the outfits is the always the most stressful thing.

Will I look good in this? Will this color flatter me on camera? Will my family match? How many accessories should I wear? You're not alone, we've all asked these questions! Here are some tips to help you plan

the perfect wardrobe for your next photo session!

For families:

  • Choose coordinating colors, but not matching - Pick two main colors and then add a few coordinating colors that compliment the main colors.
  • Let the season help guide the colors - Warmer colors work well for fall photos where softer pastels are great for spring!
  • Think of your home decor - If you plan to have these photos on your wall, you may want to coordinate with the colors of your home.
  • Try to limit bright big patterns and logos - Strong patterns and large logos can be a distraction to the photo and might clash with other outfits. Pick one or two people to wear subtle patterns and go for solids for the rest. If you also plan to have your session with a busy background, you would want to wear solids to not compete with the background.
  • Lay out all the outfits - Lay them out beforehand to see how they look next to each other. You'll also see if you are missing any accessories or clothing items.

For Seniors:

  • Dress in layers - This will help to give you a different look without having to do an entire outfit change. Adding a vest, jacket, or fashion scarf will easily change up your outfit.
  • Select colors that will work with your location - If you have a bright colorful graffiti wall in the background, consider a solid color that will go well with all the colors of the walls. If you are in the forest, don't pick a green outfit that may easily blend in with all the trees.
  • Selecting multiple outfits - If you have a few outfit changes, choose outfits that you love and one that your parents love. Parents don’t always have similar styles as their children. This way, everyone will be happy. Typically parents have a more classic taste, so this may actually help you in the long run. 😉
  • Wear comfortable clothes - Throughout your photoshoot, you’ll be posing in different ways -- sitting, standing, walking, jumping, etc. If you’re wearing a dress that you’re constantly adjusting because it doesn’t fit right or shoes that pinch your toes, it’ll be difficult for you to relax. Wear an outfit that you can move comfortably in and that makes you feel good about yourself.
  • BE YOU! - Please wear a style and trend that you would normally wear. Please do not try a look or style that you have never worn. You will not look like you when you see the photos. This goes for accessories too!